Displaying NOTAMs and traffic restrictions

Laminar Data Hub APIs provide machine-readable NOTAMs (Notice to Airmen or Notice to Air Missions) that are spatially enriched to give visibility into what’s impacting a flight.

The APIs also provide Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) that are used to improve situational awareness by displaying them on applications or maps.


  • Airlines
  • Airports
  • Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP)
  • Unmanned Traffic Management (UTM)


Laminar Data Hub

Displaying NOTAMS

The NOTAMs we provide are digital and available in structured, machine-readable formats (XML and JSON). They contain information such as:

  • Start and end time When the NOTAM is active

  • Geometry (enhanced spatially) The area affected by the NOTAM. The geometry is processed to display the real shape of the affected area

  • Vertical limits The upper and lower limits with reference and unit of measure

  • Series A letter that identifies a NOTAM and refers to a specific condition, such as D for Special Activity Airspace

  • Number An incremental number that identifies the NOTAM next to the series

  • Year The year of issuance

  • Expanded schedule If the NOTAM is active in accordance with a date and time schedule between the start and end time, the information is expanded in a machine-readable format

  • Identification of aerodrome or runway closures If the NOTAM refers to an aerodrome or runway closure, new attributes will specify the affected area, the type, and the designator

Here's an example of how the NOTAM data is displayed on a map:

NOTAM display

Displaying Temporary Flight Restrictions

Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs) are published in order to restrict aircraft from navigating specific areas of the airspace.

TFRs are specific to the US and have the same format as NOTAMs. Here's an example of a TFR:

View of temporary flight restrictions

Collecting NOTAMS and TFRs

In this section, we’ll give an example of how to query all the data from the Washington FIR KZDC displayed on a map.

Here's a view of the Washington FIR:

View of Washington FIR

1. Get API access

Create a Laminar Data Hub account by signing up on the Laminar Developer Portal. Once you've created the account and the email is validated, you can access Applications and get your user key.

2. Collect NOTAM data

If you'd like to, for example, retrieve a list of the NOTAMs that are active or will be active in the Washington FIR, you must make a request to the NOTAMs by Flight Information Region API.

The API requires three mandatory parameters:

  • User key This was provided in the previous step

  • ICAO prefix The first letter of the ICAO designator. KZDC is the Washington FIR, so the value is K

  • ICAO FIR In this case, the value is KZDC

After adding all the parameters, the URL looks like this:


If you need to filter the information, you can do that by using the qcode or the text_contains options.

An easy way to make the request is by using the curl command. The response is a GeoJSON object that can be visualized with a tool like geojson.io:

View of NOTAMs affecting the Washington FIR

Here's an example of a custom solution with filters applied:

View of NOTAMs affecting the Washington FIR with filters

The image above contains more data (with some filters applied) than the Washington FIR. However, it represents a real implementation.

NOTAMs are published many times every day. To have an accurate image, you must request the data every hour at a minimum.

3. Collect Temporary Flight Restrictions (TFRs)

The Laminar Data Hub has an API for Temporary Flight Restrictions. Since there isn't much data available, you should query all the TFRs.

The API has only one mandatory parameter: user_key, which you provided in the first step

After adding the parameter, the URL will look like this:


You may filter the information by using the qcode or the text_contains options.

To select only the TFRs from the Washington FIR, you must filter the data with the affectedFIR property that matches KZDC.

View of NOTAMs affecting the Washington FIR


Laminar Data Hub is a cloud platform that provides organizations with a single source of enhanced, fused, and validated Aviation data.

What is a Notice to Airmen? This article explains how a NOTAM is a notification from an official body alerting airspace users to hazards.