Waiver Alerts

During times of widespread travel disruption such as labor strikes, natural disasters, or extreme weather, managing the collection of global airline waivers, matching them to trips, and proactively re-accommodating or refunding passenger tickets has been a labor-intensive manual process.

To address this problem, we provide Travel Waiver Alerts. This is an add-on service that matches trips and notifies travelers or agents depending on how it's configured.

These alerts are available exclusively to our Travel Waiver Services customers. For more information, please see Proactive Services.

Exception Waiver

The Exception Waiver alert type informs agencies about trips that might qualify for an exception waiver. This alert lets travel support members know that a trip might be eligible for rebooking or a refund with reduced or waived fees.

Exception Waiver alerts are triggered based on trips matching with waivers issued by airlines. Alerts are initially triggered for trips when they are found to match a waiver. A Waiver alert isn't generated for a trip if all matching flights have already departed. Waiver alerts are also triggered for trips that had previously matched a waiver, but no longer match. This can occur because a trip was updated (the flight was changed or removed) or if a waiver was updated or canceled by Cirium or the issuing airline.

Among the data points that are applied to qualify a potential match are airline relationships (applicable booking and operating airlines), specific flights called out by the airline in their waiver policy, affected airports, affected travel dates, and ticketing requirements.

Waiver Update

The Waiver Update alert informs subscribers that a new exception waiver was issued by an airline. It also informs subscribers if an existing waiver has had a significant update related to qualifications. It's a resource for subscribers to stay informed of waivers issued by any airline supported by our waiver system. This alert is only available via email and isn't intended for travelers.

This alert is only available via email and isn't intended for travelers.

The emailed alert includes the following abbreviated waiver content:

  • The issuing airline
  • The name used to identify the waiver
  • The impacted travel date rage
  • Affected airports or regions