Trips and Waivers

Our Trips and Waivers platform is centered around a traveler's trip. We monitor the trip on behalf of your company and then trigger alerts based on the current status of the flights within the trip. Our Waivers add-on matches trips that a particular airline travel waiver applies to and alerts interested parties.

The Trips APIs are a part of a larger Proactive Services solution that include online dashboards, workflow tools, and analytics.

These services require that we're able to access and store a traveler's itinerary. Trips can be imported using the Trip Import API, or we can retrieve trips for your company via GDS and back-office solutions.

Traveler Trips Alerts

Traveler Trip Alerts trigger traveler-centric alerts to the traveler during their day of travel. These alerts are typically sent to your internal systems via callbacks to your API endpoints. They can also be requested (or pulled) at any time via an API call to a Cirium endpoint. Your internal systems then perform additional processing and send information to the traveler via your delivery partners of choice.

Alternatively, we also have the ability to host a profile for the traveler and use it to determine how (email or SMS) to send the message and where to send it.

Traveler Trip Alerts keep the traveler informed for the entire trip when it matters most without over alerting them. A variety of customizable conditions and status changes cause alerts to trigger.

See Traveler Trip Alerts for information about the types of alerts.

Agent Alerts

Agent Alerts push alerts to your internal employees that notify them about potential disruptions for the travelers they're responsible for. This lets your employees proactively anticipate and solve traveler problems.

Agent Alerts trigger on a variety of customizable conditions and status changes.

See Agent Alerts for information on the types of alerts.

Travel Waiver Services

Traditionally, during times of widespread travel disruption such as labor strikes, natural disasters, or extreme weather, managing the collection of global airline waivers, matching them to trips, and proactively re-accommodating or refunding passenger tickets has been a labor-intensive manual process. To address this problem, we provide Travel Waiver Alerts. This is an add-on service that matches trips and notifies travelers or agents according to your configuration.

See Waiver Alerts for information on the types of alerts.

Trip Status

Trip APIs also provide a Trip Status API that allows a traveler's trip to be retrieved at any point and either displayed on internal systems or sent directly to the traveler's mobile application. The trip information contains the current status for every flight within the trip.

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Trips and Waivers

Provides details and monitoring for trip itineraries and travel waivers.

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