API Overview

Cirium offers 3 platforms of APIs. The APIs within each platform are designed to easily work together and are built to support different customer problems. The platforms have different licensing, pricing and usage models but can be combined together under the same contract. Authentication and setup is also unique to each platform.

Platform Comparison
FlightStats APIs
Laminar Data Hub
Trips & Waivers
Flight status, tracking, schedules and alert services for a wide range of travel applications
Enterprise level platform for ANSP, UTM, SWIM, NOTAM and CDM applications
Travel disruption platform centered around your traveler’s itineraries and needs
Best for
  • Traveler facing applications
  • Ground/staffing applications
  • FIDS
  • Traffic flow management
  • Planning flights against airspace constraints
  • Geospatial awareness
  • Alerting travelers of disruption
  • Travel Agent workflows
  • Waivers
Travel Tech, OTA, Airport, Airline, Ground Handling, Freight/Cargo, Hotels
ANSP, UTM, Air Ops, Airline, Airport
Travel Agency, OTA, Corporate Travel, Airline, Traveler Trip Applications, Travel Insurance
Key Data Sets
Flight Status
Flight Schedules
Historical Flight Status
Flight Ratings
Flight Status
Flight Restrictions
Flight Information Regions
Your traveler’s trips
Flight Status
Data Model
Fine Grained
Fused (Coarse grained)
Fine Grained
Licensing Model
Annual (Contract)
Monthly (Credit card)
Annual (Contract)
Monthly (Contract)
Annual (Contract)
$ Usage Based
Evaluation Available
30 day
14 day
Supports multiple languages

FlightStats APIs

FlightStats APIs provide a set of status and positional APIs by flight, airport, fleet, route or area. They also include schedules, airline reference, airport reference, ratings, delay index, and weather information.

FlightStats APIs are designed for ease of use with REST, supporting JSON, JSONP, XML formats as well as SOAP. API responses include support for English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Arabic.

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Laminar Data Hub

Laminar Data Hub APIs are a part of commercial cloud platform that provides organizations with a single source of enhanced, fused and validated aviation data.

Specifically designed for operational aviation data management needs of airlines and airports, our Laminar Data Hub APIs offer best-in-class flight, NOTAM, aeronautical and weather data through a set of easy-to-use REST and streaming APIs using industry standard formats such as AIXM, WXXM or FIXM.

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Trip and Waivers

Trip and Waiver APIs includes several services that provide a richer itinerary experience and allows you to deliver your product faster to market by removing the need to create and maintain business logic for when to send alerts and which alerts to send.

The services are designed to keep the traveler informed for the entire trip when it matters most without over alerting them. Alerts can be generated and sent to travelers or agents and are based on flight segments and legs. They can be triggered on a variety of conditions and status changes that are customized to meet your needs.

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